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Friday, July 3, 2009

Charcoal Cleansing Foam & Mask

Charcoal Cleansing Foam - RM9
Charcoal Mask - RM9
Postage: RM4 (Pos daftar)

About the Chacoal Mask
Charcoal powder is one of the traditional raw ingredients that Japanese women use to nourish their skin over the centuries. It is economical yet effective in removing stubborn impurities & dead skin cells. Natural Pack's mask is made from the purest charcoal extracts available with the advanced cosmetic processing techniques from Korea.

This product hits the monthly Top 10 Ranking in the drug stores voted by the Japanese female users. Exclusively imported and sealed for extra freshness.

Suitable for either oily or combination skin. Ideally to be used once a week only. Peel off mask strictly after it has turned dried.

This Charcoal mask remove blackheads, those tiny facial hairs and also tighten your pores.


~After cleansing, gently spread and apply evenly over cleansed, dry face, avoiding the eyes, lips, and eye brows.
~ After the mask has dried (ard 20-30mins), peel off from the outer edges towards the centre gently.
~Then apply your usual toner and moisturiser.

For best result, open your pores using steam towel or warm water. Gently dry your face with a clean and soft towel.
1) Apply and spread the mask evenly onto your face. (Tip: Avoid sensitive areas around the eyes, eyebrows, hairline and lips)
2) The mask will take roughly 20 minutes to do its magic. . (Tip: As hot environment will reduce the stickiness of the mask, strongly encourage to apply the mask in a cool or air-conditioned environment)

3) Once you feel the mask is dried and your face skin tighten, gently peel off the mask the bottom up. Use one hand to peel while the other to apply firm pressure closely between the side of the mask and face in order to avoid excessive force from the peeling action.

3) For best results, apply toner & moisturizer upon completion.

Charcoal cleanser foam(70g)

Cleans all your dirt and give a smooth skin and refreshing.