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Saturday, April 24, 2010

KSA Magic Soaps

(exclude postage)

1) KSA Magic Glutathione Soap with Grapeseed

An effective skin-enhancing soap which has the powerful combination of Glutathione, Ceramide, and Grapeseed. The Triple whitening formula in effect makes it an excellent anti-oxidant, skin lighter, potent anti-ageing, and free radical fighter. This is enriched with Vitamins A, E, C and B3 for Lightening, Moisturizing, and Nourishing properties. It gently deep cleanses, moisturizes, and lightens your skin for that beauty that glows.

2) KSA MAGIC Placenta Soap with Glutathione

A natural moisturizing soap made from the distinct and delightful blend of the finest raw materials: PLANT, PLACENTA, GLUTATHIONE and COLLAGEN. Enriched with vitamins, nourishing minerals, and natural ingredients to activate the lightening, moisturizing, and nourishing effects on the skin. An excellent supplement to any skin care regimen to aid in the defense against the early signs of ageing, and keeps skin soft and tender.

3) KSA MAGIC Whitening Soap with Glutathione

A naturally effective soap with lightening and moisturizing effects on wrinkles, blemishes, scars, armpits (underarms), stretch marks and other dark spots. Helps in treating pimples and other skin allergies. Enriched with Vitamins A, E, C and B3 for Lightening, Moisturizing, and Nourishing properties. It gently deep cleanses, moisturizes and lightens your skin for that distinct glow in 7 days.

4) KSA MAGIC Kojic Soap with Placenta and Glutathione

The powerful triple-action combination of KOJIC, PLACENTA, and GLUTATHIONE for effective skin whitening and rejuvenation. PLACENTA, a plant extract, helps to rejuvenate skin. GLUTATHIONE helps prevent premature signs of ageing. KOJIC, a mushroom derivative discovered in Japan, helps in lightening of pigment and pimple treatment. It gently deep cleanses, moisurizes, and lightens your skin for Beauty that Glows.

Hiyas Organics Orange Papaya Whitening Soap

(Exclude postage)


Intensely whitens your skin with the natural fusion of nature-derived extract of orange papaya and other vitamins. It is improved with IntenseWHITE+ that deliver superior whitening and natural moisturizing.


(Excluding postage)


(Currently have Hydrating & Classic type only)
Thoroughly cleanses skin, leaving it soft and smooth.
• Enriched with vitamins and natural moisturizers to nourish skin.
• With delicate scent that exudes vibrant freshness after every use.
• Dermatologist-tested safe and effective.
• In 65g, 90g and 135g sizes
• Available variants:
• Classic
• Ultra Hydrating
• Germ-fighting

RDL Whitening Soap

RDL Whitening Soaps
RM5.50 each
(Excluding postage)

1) Papaya Whitening Soap with Vitamin A,C & E (HOT SELLING)

This product has papaya extract which is known to be an effective whitening agent. Aside from it whitens, it is also a moisturizing, firming and anti-wrinkle agent. This newly improved formula gives us sunscreen to provide protection for minimal sun exposure.

2) Avocado Whitening Soap


This product has avocado extract which is rich in pro-vitamins and vitamins A, C and E that act as anti-oxidants to make the skin glow and make you feel young. It also softens and moisturizes the skin after using.

3) Cucumber Whitening Soap

This product has cucumber extract which functions similarly with the avocado extract.
It also contains Vitamins A, C and E which help in the nourishing of the skin.
It is also an excellent skin softener.

4) Kalamansi Whitening Soap with Honey

This product has kalamansi extract which has a good tightening, renewing and refreshing effect on the skin. It is enriched with honey for excellent skin moisturization.

5) Bleaching Soap with Moisturizer

This product contains high amounts of whitening ingredients to rapidly increase lightening efficacy. It is a hypoallergenic soap that whitens the skin without causing dryness and irritation.

6) Tawas Whitening Soap

This product contains glycerin for skin moisturization. In addition to that, it contains “tawas”, a widely known active ingredient for its anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties.

7) Papaya Whitening Soap with Milk

Papaya extract helps whiten your skin. It has vitamins A, C & E which are excellent sources of nutrients for the skin. Milk contains hydrolyzed protein that nourishes skin making it softer and smoother.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blue Heaven Kajal eyeliner

S size: RM8
M size: RM9
(price inclusive post express)

M size

S size


Traditional Eye makeup packed in a different form for ease application and carry.
Cools your eyes and gives a smoky look.

Kajal is one of the most popular make-up appliances worn by women. They enhance the eyes, make them look bigger and lend a much defined look to the face. Even if you wear no make up but just line your eyes with some kajal, you will look a lot different. Different women have different styles of wearing kajal. Some prefer applying it with the finger tip, some prefer a pencil and some may opt for a liquid liner. To know how to buy kajal, you need to look at certain important aspects and your particular style.